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The Planes

In Aeromodelling there are several kinds of aircraft, the chuck gliders and control line. Chuck Glider is a miniature model aircraft flown by human power. Because it is made of wood model airplane can fly with ease if there is wind. These aircraft have roughly the mass of less than one kilogram. To make this aircraft was fairly easy because of the 3 days we have been able to fly this plane. The price is also relatively inexpensive, because only a thin wood and some bamboo. In another post I will try to explain how to manufacture the chuck glider.

Now, after knowing the model-engine aircraft that do not, now we move on to the aircraft engine. Engined aircraft in Aeromodelling often called the Control Line. In this plane we put the engine in front of the body which is mounted aircraft propeller. Fly control line is not easy, we need to practice so adept at controlling the plane. oh yes, how do we control this plane? easy, we control the plane with wire. Wire will be attached to the tip of the left wing. Actually, flying is not too hard, the plane was running with high speed, we only manage the movement of the wings so he could take off and landing perfectly. If you still want to know about the control line, see pictures and video below, enjoy!

History of Aeromodelling

Sports Aeromodelling Aerospace is a growing sport with both civil aviation and military. In Indonesia the first time in the environment arising TNI - AU through Scout Scout Aerospace.

Model airplane manufacturing activities have been started since 1946 in conjunction with dirintisnya first glider-making in Yogyakarta (Aeromodeller and Air Scout) and developed into large cities, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Surakarta.

To accommodate the growing interest in so many Air Force (TNI AU) provides container "BUREAU AERO CLUB" who coached by Captain G. Reuneker, and for the first time the race was held on January 27, 1952 at Airbase Cililitan / Halim Perdanakusuma Jakarta attended Club-Club Aeromodelling cities in Java, Sumatra, Borneo.
On 9 April 1953 the Bureau of Aero Club opened in Jakarta Aeromodelling courses which received great attention from the public. Following the next race on May 17, 1954, followed by the Aero Club Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Palembang, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Ambon and the race was held every year.

June 1954 for the first time the Air Scout camp was held at the Halim Perdanakusuma Airbase which was attended by 80 Pandu air from all over Indonesia. In this camp held in aerospace race. This race is an experiment to see poll the public interest. Its main purpose is to educate special coaches until the year 1955 has recorded 35,000 members throughout the Air Pandu Indonesia.

Aero Club activities began with the establishment appears Aero Club in the big cities, among others: Aviantara in Bandung, Jakarta Aero Club in Jakarta, Pemudara and Yan Debrito in Yogyakarta, Surakarta Aero Club in Surakarta, Malang in Malang Aero Club.
The race in 1957, the winner / champion race selected to be sent to Yugoslavia following the Flying education airforce Layang.Tahun 1960 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture (P & K) provide education and rocketry Aeromodelling Course (KAP) at 04 Wing Education Lanud Adi Sumarno .
KAP education is followed by local students, both members of the TNI, TNI Civil, Teacher and Scout. K.A.P running for some period. From the results of KAP growing educational inputs /'s proposals to raise local associations / clubs Aeromodelling in one organization.

Of inputs / suggestions, Lieutenant Suhartono (Head Aeromodelling Course and rocketry) initiated a meeting to discuss the organization Aeromodelling.
In 1962 at the Hotel Merdeka Solo accomplished Establishment Plan Meeting held Aeromodelling Organization, led by Lieutenant Suhartono.
From the results of the meeting agreed on the establishment of organizations with names Aeromodelling Aeromodelling Federation of All Indonesia abbreviated FASI, who later made a name FASI name of the parent entire aerospace sports in Indonesia. As the central organization is the city of Solo in Skadik 011 Wing 04 education, particularly in developing aerospace sports among Scouts.

In 1966 there had been a cooperation between national Kwartir Scout Movement with the Army chief of staff of the Air Force, the unit formed by Aerospace / Company-Scout Space Company with such education Aeromodelling. In the opening ceremony was marked by demonstrations Aeromodelling, flying kites, parachuting, aircraft and motorized rocket launch held in Pulo Mas Ceremony Inspector Bung Karno.

For takeoff By Pass road is used as the basis glider towing plane Auster and in Senayan Jakarta. Date 10 s / d 20 November 1968 National Workshop organized by the Boy Scouts ANUDIRGA (Nasionala mainstay Aerospace Affairs) Mr. Kardono in Jakarta (Halim Perdanakusuma).
Sports Aeromodelling is contested both nationally, regionally and internationally. Since the year 1978 as a branch sport of competition exhibition in PON (National Games Week) until PON XI 1981. But in the year 1989 PON XII sports no longer Aeromodelling diperlombakan / dipertandingkan. Later in the year 2000 began again contested in the PON XV in East Java. In addition to implementing / running a race Aeromodelling also follows the activities held as Jamboree PB FASI Aero Sport, Safari and other FASI.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Aeromodelling is the activity that I think exciting, because we can get to know more about the plane, RC, rockets, etc.. We can make the planes themselves from material that is simple enough. Aeromodelling development was very rapid. Many schools adding extracurricular aeromodeling, competitions are held and a lot of demand too. Which is quite popular is the chuck gliders and RC. Chuck glider is a plane made of lightweight wood, and blown by the wind. If the chuck is made with a perfect glider and fly it the right way, we'll see we made the plane fly beautifully. chuck glider some pictures ..
very simple model above, we only pair wings with rubber. although the simple model, the glider was still flying with the swift. also very easy to fly. lived threw the wind was blowing, hard throwing up and you can see your plane fly.
Aeromodelling technique is often contested is the Control Line, which is associated engine plane with a rope so he could fly around the orbit of the person holding the rope. Competition has a lot of control line held, usually considered a lot of revolutions per minute, fascinating attractions and skill of the pilot. I have a few pictures of the control line.

the picture above is a picture of a plane that has not been given a rope to control. control of the control line is not easy. if it holds no attraction stronger plane, the plane can lose control. if you have a strong hold, the handle should be straight, not be down more than 15 degrees when the plane you do not want to dive into tanah.hehe, one of at least a little propeller plane broke, broken fuselage, the engine could even die completely. for those who have more information about Aeromodelling please know I love ya, I want to learn more. thanks